Workforce Leadership Overview


The Workforce Leadership (WFL) Program provides career-building leadership skills needed to advance in an organization and to face the challenges of competing in global markets. Emphasis is placed on principles and tools of quality, computer technology, management, development of interpersonal and team performance communication skills, and lean techniques. This program is specifically designed to serve the needs of working adults.


The WFL Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requires 60 total credit hours. The WFL program also offers a Certificate of Proficiency (CP) and a Technical Certificate (TC), each of which applies directly toward the associate degree. Students who complete the AAS in Workforce Leadership may complete a baccalaureate degree through the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree or the Bachelor of Organizational Leadership (BSOL).


The Workforce Leadership Program provides working adults with the skills necessary to think critically, make sound decisions, lead and develop others, improve efficiency and reduce waste in business or industrial settings.

  • The first level of Workforce Leadership Program is the Certificate of Proficiency. This 9-hour certificate is typically completed in one year over two semesters, with courses focusing on interpersonal skills, principles of quality management and lean enterprise.
  • The second level is a 22-hour Technical Certificate. This certificate builds on the first tier with an additional 13 hours that includes speech, math, English composition, personal finance and workforce foundations (how business works).
  • The third level is the Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree, incorporating courses specific to the needs of regional businesses. The AAS includes courses such as Lean Six Sigma Strategies (Green Belt), occupational safety, and a capstone course for demonstrating newly-acquired skills in actual projects that address business needs.


Program Learning Outcomes/AAS

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Comprehend and demonstrate total quality processes needed to be an effective leader in today's changing workforce.
  • Evaluate strategies and philosophies for operating a business and achieving world-class status in business/manufacturing in today's changing times.
  • Create and develop workplace teams (appropriate for setting, measurement/feedback systems, managing and guidance).
  • Prepare and implement workforce projects.
  • Integrate business computer application skills to analyze and solve business challenges.
  • Select and use appropriate quality tools for process improvement.
  • Select and use appropriate lean tools for effective enterprise management.
  • Design and critique organizational practices to execute strategy.
  • Develop and communicate effective presentations.

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